Are You “Quarantining” on LBI?

Here are some COVID-19 updates from the LBI Chamber of Commerce:


1. Some LBI businesses are choosing to stay open for take-out and delivery.

These establishments are practicing elevated cleaning routines and monitoring the situation. Please check individual businesses’ social media accounts and websites to learn about any adjusted hours.


2. Everyday Services

Many people are spending their time on LBI, while schools and workplaces are temporarily closed. Our business community is looking to support the needs of visitors and year-round residents in this unprecedented time by continuing to provide everyday services, when possible and permissible by law.


3. How To Support Small Business

If you want to support small businesses on LBI, but would rather minimize your social interactions, buy a gift card to use at a later date. This practice allows funds to flow into a business at a time where support to retain year-round staff is needed.


4. For Businesses

In an effort to effectively keep the LBI community updated on individual businesses’ details in light of the current pandemic, our social media manager has committed to actively repost any posts your business shares on social media that provides updated business information. In order to have your business post shared, please tag @welcometolbi on your posts and we’ll take it from there.



Photo: @couchchronicles

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