Joey's Pizza & Pasta

2201 S Long Beach Blvd #4358 , Ship Bottom, New Jersey 08008, United States

Built in the late 1940’s as a hamburger stand, our building at 81st Street in Beach Haven Crest has withstood all that Mother Nature has had to offer. For 25 years it has been the site of Tony’s Pizza, and in 1090 became the first site of Joeys’ Pizza & Pasta’s. The truth of the matter is that it is one of the lowest laying buildings on LBI.

The water that sometimes accumulates outside, and sometimes surrounds the building, is the result of being at such a low sea level. As you may know, the island storm drains are connected directly to the bay, so if the tide is high and it rains, there is no place for the water to go. Instead the water backs up through the storm drain and settles in the street. There have been times during hurricanes and Nor’easters when the tides have raisen so much that the outside of the building and the streets have flooded…without a single drop of rain.

Because of our “water issue,” our building has been featured in magazines, newspapers, and TV Newscast in both New York and Philadelphia. It might be the most popular building on LBI! So gather your friends, and come by for lunch or dinner. If it starts to rain, you just might be treated to some “Occasional Waterfront Dining.”

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