Long Beach Township

6805 Long Beach Boulevard , Long Beach Township, New Jersey 08008, United States

Long Beach Township comprises the largest portion of LBI up and down its 18 miles of beaches. With this brings a variety of settings in which to enjoy a daytrip or longer stay. From the peacefulness and privacy of Loveladies and North Beach to the boater’s-dream access to lagoons and the bay in High Bar Harbor, to the more bustling areas between Brant Beach and North Beach Haven, a visit to Long Beach Township is sure to exceed your expectations of a vacation at the Jersey Shore.

LBT includes the areas of: Beach Haven Crest, Beach Haven Gardens, Beach Haven Inlet, Beach Haven Park, Beach Haven Terrace, Brant Beach, Brighton Beach, Haven Beach, High Bar Harbour, Holgate, Loveladies, North Beach, North Beach Haven, Peahala Park, South Beach Haven, Spray Beach and The Dunes


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  1. Chierra

    Hi there,

    Is there a fee to go to the beach?? If so, do we have to purchase them online or can we buy them when we get there?? and how much is it?


    1. Admin (C)

      Hi! Please see our blog at welcometolbi.com/beach-badges/ for this.
      All of the info can be found under the Long Beach Township Section!

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