4 Great Ideas for Your LBI Family Vacation!

We get it – vacationing with kids (and grandkids) can be hard.

Trying to fit AND enjoy everything your family wants to do on vacation into the time you have, is a real feat. Whether you have one week or the whole summer, don’t get stuck choosing between the kids’ crazy summer bucket list and a relaxing, uninterrupted float in the ocean. Do it all – here are 4 ways for all ages to enjoy every inch of our 18-mile island… 

1. Sign The Kids Up for Something They’ll Really Enjoy

Local beach patrols have lifeguard-in-training programs, our community centers and libraries have various educational programs and clubs, and some local galleries have art camps – all summer long! Some of these allow you to drop your kids off while others let you sit back and watch the fun!

2. Shuttles = Island-Wide Accessibility

Our full-service system of shuttles runs across LBI, all summer long! Each ride costs a nominal fee and can take you any place along Long Beach Boulevard. Hop on – it’s great for visitors who can’t drive or don’t want to worry about parking!

3. Family Day is Possible Everyday

Long Beach Island is all about fun. There are so many great summer activities for all ages: beach & bay days, boat rides, fishing, free concerts, nature walks, surf lessons, arcades, ice cream shops, craft shows, art galleries, and so much more. You can find great events and a directory on the LBI Chamber of Commerce’s Calendar here.

4. But Don’t Forget to Say Yes to Date Night!

Hire a local sitter and grab a cocktail before enjoying some of our amazing hot spots for dinner. Don’t wanna leave the kids at home? There are also plenty of family-friendly restaurants all along our 18 miles! Be sure to make a reservation if you have a large party or plan on dining on a weekend night!

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