5 Things To Consider When Buying a Home on LBI!

Looking to Buy a Home on LBI?

Read these tips from five local realtors to help you through the LBI home-buying process!

1. Hire a Professional

“Always get the home inspected by a reputable inspector who has experience in the specifics of the home you are looking at – bulkheads, pools, etc.”

 – Adele Schock, Weichert Realtors

2. Winterizing Your Beach House is a Key Component of Ownership

“You’ll want to make sure that all outdoor water systems such as outdoor showers, hose bibs, and underground sprinkler systems are drained and properly winterized.  Even pipes that aren’t directly exposed can be subject to freezing due to strong winds and freezing temperatures that can last for days. Once your outdoor areas are secured for winter you’ll still need to consider taking steps inside.  I often recommend to new owners that they leave the heat on 55-58 degrees, even if they don’t plan on using the house often. It not only helps keep moisture at bay, helping to prevent mold and mildew buildup, but it also helps keep expansion and contraction of your home to a minimum during temperature extremes. The heat is also added insurance for your plumbing systems and helps keep the home at the ready should you decide to pop down for a getaway weekend. If you don’t plan on using the home much in the winter you may also want to consider using anti-freeze in all drains and toilets.  Last, but not least, it is always a good idea to turn the water main to the house off.  Power and equipment failures happen and this can help keep a small problem from becoming a big one. If you’re not 100% comfortable on what to do, there are many great professionals on LBI from landscapers, property managers, and plumbers ready to help you protect your dream home.”

 – Sean Adams, The Adams Group LBI

3. Check The Claims

“The State of New Jersey asserts ownership claims against properties that are now or were ever flowed by tidal waters (so-called “tidelands claims”).  Be sure your title company performs a tidelands search to verify that State tidelands claims have been extinguished.”

– Kevin Thomas, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Zack Shore Realtors

4. Flood Elevation Matters

“Make sure part of your discovery process includes the flood elevation of the home. If you are purchasing a property with a mortgage, it will be mandatory for you to obtain flood insurance. The flood elevation will determine the cost of flood insurance.  Typically the current owner will have (or will obtain) a Flood Elevation Certificate, which details the height of the home in relation to the base flood elevation.  Homes higher than the base flood elevation enjoy lower flood insurance premiums… and needless to say, are at much less risk of flood damage!”

 – Rosemary Urso, Century 21 Action Plus Realty

5. Don’t Feel Pressured

“When participating in the purchase of a secondary home, your realtor should hold the role of a consultant and advisor, not a “salesperson.” I can’t SELL you on a beach house, you have to want to BUY it!”

– Kevin Bergin, Beach House Realty


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