How You Brewin Spreads the Love (and Warmth) this Valentine’s Day

How you Brewin interiorLet’s get one thing out of the way – How You Brewin – open year-round in Surf City and seasonally in Barnegat Light’s Viking Village – is not your parent’s coffee house. Or, Starbucks, for that matter.

Nope, not one bit.

Well, for several reasons, actually.

First, their baristas won’t giggle or scoff at you if you don’t order drinks “correctly” – with sizes like venti and names such as ‘skinny’.

Secondly, How You Brewin actually WANTS you to spend time in their shop – all day if you want. Heck, have a meeting or five.

How You Brewin wants to be your meeting place.

But, we digress, as this Surf City staple also want to show you some love this Valentine’s Day.

According to their most recent online newsletter, How You Brewin professes that February (of course) is the month for love. And, they LOVE their Red Velvet Cupcake coffee their brewing for you this month. The flavor of light vanilla cake with a touch of cocoa powder topped with a sweet cream cheese icing makes this coffee a new favorite.

How You Brewin also offers a delectable variety of sweet treats for every palette.

If you want to get out of your house but in out of the cold, How You Brewin invites you to stop by this Valentine’s Day.

They promise their hot selection of coffees, teas and soups will warm your heart.

*Note their Viking Village location will re-open on March 25. 


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