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September LBI Lifeguards + Dogs on The Beach: A 2020 Update
September LBI Lifeguards + Dogs on The Beach: A 2020 Update

September Beach Update and Upcoming Events!

Updated 9/8: We will be updating this posting as often as possible through the month of September.


Ship Bottom

Guarded Streets: 7th, 15th, 20th Streets and Roving Patrols

Days: Daily through September 30th

Guarded Hours: 10am-6pm

Dogs: Allowed after October 1st (leashed)


Harvey Cedars

Guarded Streets: Middlesex (Every Day), Middlesex and 80th Street (Weekends Only), and Roving Patrols

Days: Daily through September 30th

Guarded Hours: 10am-5

Dogs: Allowed after September 15th (leashed)


Beach Haven 

Guarded Streets: Centre Street and Roving Patrols 

Days: Daily through September 20th

Guarded Hours: 10am-4 Weekdays, 10a-5pm Weekends

Dogs: Allowed after September 15th (leashed)


Surf City

Guarded Streets: 12th Street

Days: Daily until Mid-September (Exact Date TBD)

Guarded Hours: 10am-5pm

Dogs: Allowed after October 1st (leashed)


Long Beach Township

Guarded Streets: Tract 1067 in North Beach, 68th Street in Brant Beach, 81st Street in Beach Haven Crest, 131st Street in Spray Beach, 25th Street in Spray Beach, and Nelson Ave in Holgate. On the weekends only, 47th street in Brant Beach and 96th Street in Beach Haven Crest will be guarded in addition to the streets listed above.

Days: Daily Until September 30th, weather pending.

Guarded Hours: 10am-5pm

Dogs: Allowed after October 1st (leashed)


Barnegat Light

Guarded Streets: 9th*, 18th*, 22nd*, 25th* (see schedule below*)

September 8th-13th: 9th, 18th, 22nd, 25th streets guarded daily from 10am-5pm. Subject to Change, check @blbeachpatrol on Instagram for updates.

September 14th – 30th: 18th, 22nd, 25th only on weekdays. During this time, 9th street is added on weekends only and the tram will be running on weekends as well. Subject to Change, check @blbeachpatrol on Instagram for updates.

Guarded Hours: 10am-5pm

Dogs: Allowed after September 15th (leashed)


September Events

September 12th: Document Shredding Event

September 16th: American Red Cross Blood Drive

September 18th: Run Walk Ride LBI

September 19th: Household Hazardous Waste Event

September 20th: Viking Village Antique and Collectible Show

September 27th: 5k Foot Pursuit

All September: Shows at the Surflight

How To Buy Beach Badges for LBI Towns
How To Buy Beach Badges for LBI Towns

How To Buy Beach Badges

We get tons of inquiries asking about where and how to buy beach badges to access the beautiful beaches Long Beach Island is known for. Here is a quick and easy guide to help you navigate the process!


Six Towns, Six Different Badges

Did you know that there are actually six different municipalities on LBI? Each of these municipalities has its own way of managing the sale of beach badges for their respective towns. There is no “one-badge-fits-all pass” covering all of the beaches on LBI – you can only use a beach badge in the municipality it was purchased from. On LBI beaches, there are Beach Badge Checkers. These town employees are stationed at the beach entrances (or walk around) to check for or sell badges.

Don’t know which town you want to visit? Read our town descriptions located through our homepage here, then click LBI Towns.


A Mid-Summer 2020 Update on Where to Buy Beach Badges For Each Town on Long Beach Island

Barnegat Light: Purchase beach badges on the beach in Barnegat Light through a Beach Badge Checker, or through the VIPLY app.

Harvey Cedars: Purchase beach badges on the beach in Harvey Cedars through a Beach Badge Checker, or at the booth located at Sunset Park. Badges can also be purchased through the VIPLY app.

Surf City: It is preferred you buy badges behind the Borough Hall on 8th Street in Surf City, but they can also be purchased on the beach in Surf City through a Beach Badge Checker.

Ship Bottom: Purchase beach badges on the beach through a Beach Badge Checker using cash or the VIPLY App.

Long Beach Township: Daily and Seasonal Beach badges can only be purchased at the Beach Badge Hut on 68th Street in Brant Beach. Weekly, Senior, and Veteran Badges can be purchased on the beach from a Beach Badge Checker.

Beach Haven: Beach Badges must be purchased through the VIPLY app before beach entry. Wednesdays are “free,” meaning no beach badges are needed (in Beach Haven only).   


Have More Questions?

We recommend contacting each individual town for the most updated information.


Barnegat Light

Beach Badges: Click HERE for information on Barnegat Light Beach Badges.

Click Here For The Barnegat Light Municipal Website


Beach Haven

Beach Badges: Click HERE for information on Beach Haven Beach Badges.

Click Here For The Beach Haven Municipal Website


Harvey Cedars

Beach Badges: Click HERE for information on Harvey Cedars Beach Badges.

Click Here For The Harvey Cedars Municipal Website


Long Beach Township

Beach Badges: Click HERE for information on Long Beach Township Beach Badges.

The following areas are included in Long Beach Township: High Bar Harbor, Loveladies, North Beach, Brant Beach, Beach Haven Crest, Brighton Beach, Peahala Park, Beach Haven Park, Haven Beach, The Dunes, Beach Haven Terrace, Beach Haven Gardens, Bay Vista, Spray Beach, North Beach Haven, Beach Haven Heights, Silver Sands, Beach Haven Inlet, and Holgate (this information is available at

Click here to see the Long Beach Township Municipal Website


Ship Bottom

Beach Badges: Click HERE for information on Ship Bottom Beach Badges.

Click here to see the Ship Bottom Municipal Website


Surf City

Beach Badges: Click HERE for more information on Surf City Beach Badges.

Click here to see the Surf City Municipal Website


More July Events!

Wednesday, July 15th 

Beach Haven: Join us at Veterans Memorial Park for Beach Haven Concerts “On the Green.” Live music starts at 7pm. “Please note that we will be strictly following the guidance of the CDC, State, and local Government regarding Covid19. We would expect that our guests will wear a mask/face covering at check-in, and will practice social distancing within the concert area.” This event is hosted by the Beach Haven Community Arts Program. 


Friday, July 17th 

Brant Beach (LBT): Fire Pit Friday featuring free live music performed by “Sneak Attack”. This event occurs every Friday on 68th Street beach from 7-9pm . “Bring your blankets, beach chairs, coolers, and family to enjoy an evening of music on the beach! Social Distancing applies to groups not with each other. Please be respectful. Masks are required on the 68th St walkway.” Please contact Long Beach Township at 609.361.1000 for more info on this event series.


Saturday, July 18th 

Loveladies (LBT): Modern Fossils at the Foundation Art Festival on LBI will be held from 10am-6pm. “Join Modern Fossils at LBI’s 31st Annual Foundation Art Festival! Located right on LBI’s main boulevard, this is a perfect opportunity to enjoy creative artwork, live music, and delicious food vendors, all within a few minutes walk from the Beach! The goal of this Art Festival is to unite Artists who inspire, educate, and create with Buyers looking for objects that enhance their lives. Those who live on or visit the coast of New Jersey get to take home unique keepsakes, created by the artists who are part of this Festival.”  Please contact the LBIF for more information.

Bayview Park Brant Beach: From 5pm- 8pm, join us for the 8th Annual LBI Paddle Classic. All levels, even beginning racers are welcome! “Registration starts at 5pm. Race starts at 6. Pre-registration is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED. Your registration form will be waiting for you to pick up on race day, sign a waiver, pay by check (to Alliance for a Living Ocean) or credit card, and then you are all set. Registration: Payable by cash, check, or credit card the day of the race. Net proceeds go to ALO. $40 race fee (includes a t-shirt) to benefit Alliance for a Living Ocean. ALO promotes and helps maintain clean water and a healthy coastal environment through education and action.” Please contact Alliance For a Living Ocean or South End Surf ‘N Paddle for more information.”


Sunday, July 19th  

Brant Beach (LBT): Enjoy a Sunday Afternoon Concert featuring “The Pickles Nation.” This event occurs every Sunday from 1pm-3pm, and features free live music. “Social Distancing applies to groups not with each other. Please be respectful. Masks are required on the 68th St walkway.” Please contact Long Beach Township at 609.361.1000 for more info on this event series. 


Monday, July 20th

Barnegat Light: Enjoy “Kootz” free live music at the Borough Of Barnegat Light Monday night from 7pm- 9pm. For More Information Call Barnegat Light Borough Hall 609-494-9196.


Tuesday, July 21st

Ship Bottom: Kids event! Join ALO to find out what lives in our very own Barnegat Bay. “This free and fun event will highlight the amazing creatures that call our local waters home. All critters are handled with care and released after we take some time to view and talk about each species.Registration required. Spots are limited to promote a safe learning environment for our volunteers and you. Masks will be required when necessary.” This event is hosted by the ALO please contact them at (609) 494-7800 for more information.


Did we forget something?

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First Time Planning a Vacation to Long Beach Island?
First Time Planning a Vacation to Long Beach Island?

First time planning a vacation to Long Beach Island?

At the start of each year, we like to do a short post for new visitors on finding the right vacation lodging/rentals on LBI. Please comment if you have any other general tips to add that might be helpful for first-time visitors.

We asked LBI Real Estate Offices, Rental Services, and Hotels/Motels for their advice on choosing the right place to stay. Here are five of the best pro tips:

1. Start Early – Studies show that most families and couples planning summer vacations have already decided where they are going to stay before March. Don’t wait until the last minute, or some of the best rentals and rooms may already be taken!

2. Do Your Research – North End? South End? Centrally located? Find out which area you like best in terms of activities, dining, location, and beach accessibility before searching for a rental (keep in mind that the LBI Shuttle Service makes the entire island conveniently accessible). This will help you narrow your search and also serve as an introduction to the area.

3. Dig a Little Deeper – Use the “Contact Us” features on Realty, Rental, and Hotel/Motel Websites to ask specific questions about the rentals and rooms you are interested in. This can help you make an informed decision about your vacation lodging.

4. Think Outside the Box – Consider vacationing in the shoulder season. May – June and September – October are cool, gorgeous, filled with fun events, and not crowded. November – April is beautiful, quiet, and homey.

5. Plan Ahead – Stay informed about cancellation policies, weekly traffic volume, and weather forecasts. LBI is beautiful in all weather and there is always something to do, so come prepared!

Bonus Tip – Check Our Member Directory here for recommended and verified rental sources!

Have a question for us?

Contact the LBI Chamber of Commerce by clicking here.

5 Things To Consider When Buying a Home on LBI!
5 Things To Consider When Buying a Home on LBI!

Looking to Buy a Home on LBI?

Read these tips from five local realtors to help you through the LBI home-buying process!

1. Hire a Professional

“Always get the home inspected by a reputable inspector who has experience in the specifics of the home you are looking at – bulkheads, pools, etc.”

 – Adele Schock, Weichert Realtors

2. Winterizing Your Beach House is a Key Component of Ownership

“You’ll want to make sure that all outdoor water systems such as outdoor showers, hose bibs, and underground sprinkler systems are drained and properly winterized.  Even pipes that aren’t directly exposed can be subject to freezing due to strong winds and freezing temperatures that can last for days. Once your outdoor areas are secured for winter you’ll still need to consider taking steps inside.  I often recommend to new owners that they leave the heat on 55-58 degrees, even if they don’t plan on using the house often. It not only helps keep moisture at bay, helping to prevent mold and mildew buildup, but it also helps keep expansion and contraction of your home to a minimum during temperature extremes. The heat is also added insurance for your plumbing systems and helps keep the home at the ready should you decide to pop down for a getaway weekend. If you don’t plan on using the home much in the winter you may also want to consider using anti-freeze in all drains and toilets.  Last, but not least, it is always a good idea to turn the water main to the house off.  Power and equipment failures happen and this can help keep a small problem from becoming a big one. If you’re not 100% comfortable on what to do, there are many great professionals on LBI from landscapers, property managers, and plumbers ready to help you protect your dream home.”

 – Sean Adams, The Adams Group LBI

3. Check The Claims

“The State of New Jersey asserts ownership claims against properties that are now or were ever flowed by tidal waters (so-called “tidelands claims”).  Be sure your title company performs a tidelands search to verify that State tidelands claims have been extinguished.”

– Kevin Thomas, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Zack Shore Realtors

4. Flood Elevation Matters

“Make sure part of your discovery process includes the flood elevation of the home. If you are purchasing a property with a mortgage, it will be mandatory for you to obtain flood insurance. The flood elevation will determine the cost of flood insurance.  Typically the current owner will have (or will obtain) a Flood Elevation Certificate, which details the height of the home in relation to the base flood elevation.  Homes higher than the base flood elevation enjoy lower flood insurance premiums… and needless to say, are at much less risk of flood damage!”

 – Rosemary Urso, Century 21 Action Plus Realty

5. Don’t Feel Pressured

“When participating in the purchase of a secondary home, your realtor should hold the role of a consultant and advisor, not a “salesperson.” I can’t SELL you on a beach house, you have to want to BUY it!”

– Kevin Bergin, Beach House Realty


Looking for a Realtor?

Check our directory for more information on Real Estate Agencies, Vacation Rentals, Year Round Rentals, and Summer/Winter Rentals!

Planning Your LBI Wedding? Don't Forget These Three Things!
Planning Your LBI Wedding? Don't Forget These Three Things!

Planning Your LBI Wedding? Don’t Forget These Three Things!

Newly engaged or helping to plan a loved one’s Long Beach Island wedding? Our island has everything you need to give your favorite couple the wedding day they deserve! Here are some tips to help you navigate the process:

1. Ceremony on the Beach? Plan Ahead!

Many towns require a permit to have a large gathering with a setup on the beach or other public space. Inquire within the township that you plan to hold the ceremony for individual details. Some of your guests may require Beach Wheels (wheelchairs with large wheels for the sand). These special chairs can be rented by request (ask for more information about these when you inquire about a permit). Additionally, be sure to stay prepared with an additional location in the event of rain!

2. Shop Small & Hire Local

Working with small businesses provides you with the contact availability you need when planning a wedding. Being able to speak with your vendors directly makes a huge difference! You can find a ton of local vendors by participating in the LBI Wedding Roadshow on April 22nd, 2018 (a Southern Ocean County Chamber of Commerce Event). More information here:

3. Keep Local Event Weekends In Mind

Wedding Season coincides with the most beautiful (and busiest) time of the year on LBI. Be conscious of the following dates so you can plan accordingly for your wedding weekend.

Hop Sauce Festival: 6/2
Fourth of July Weekends: 6/29-7/1 & 7/6-7/8
Labor Day Weekend: 8/31-9/3
The Official LBI Chowderfest:9/29-9/30
LBI FLY International Kite Festival & 18-Mile Run: 10/5-10/8

Looking for more great events?

See our Events Calendar at!

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