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Unlock the Best of LBI: Why Planning Your Summer Getaway Now is Essential!
Unlock the Best of LBI: Why Planning Your Summer Getaway Now is Essential!

As we begin to reach the end of January, we’re excited to share valuable insights for our prospective visitors gearing up for a memorable stay on Long Beach Island. We’ve compiled a few of our favorite tips on securing the perfect vacation lodging and information so that you can feel confident about your decision. Don’t hesitate to make your plans, places on LBI book up fast!

Here are our Pro Tips to make your 2024 LBI vacation extraordinary:

  1. Seize the Day: Start Planning Early for Prime Picks

Recent studies reveal that families and couples planning summer getaways have their accommodations sorted out before March rolls around! Some seasoned vacationers secure their spots even earlier. Don’t miss out – explore our Member Directory for trusted rental sources. Navigate the categories for “lodging” and “real estate services” to receive tailored recommendations.

  1. Dive Deeper: Research Your Destination Ahead of Time

Early planning isn’t just about securing a cozy spot; it’s about enhancing your entire experience. By deciding on your stay early in the year, you gain valuable time to delve into the myriad of activities, events, and dining options around your lodging. Long Beach Island isn’t just one large town – it comprises six municipalities, each with its distinct charm. Discover more about each town by visiting our “LBI Towns” tab at the top of our website. And don’t forget, the LBI Shuttle Service makes exploring the entire island a breeze!

3. Plan for More: Dining, shopping, and things to do!

Don’t stop at figuring out where you’re going to rest and restore on the island, build out a detailed plan for you and your family with our membership directory. Find coffee shops, mini golf, boutiques, and more by navigating through the various categories. Looking for something specific? Email us at

4. Know the Island: Six Towns, Endless Opportunities

Check out more information on each part of the island so you know where is the best for your friends and family to enjoy. Towns listed below from North to South:

  • Barnegat Light – Situated on the northern tip of Long Beach Island, a quaint, family oriented seashore town. We have something to offer to everyone. The Barnegat Lighthouse State Park is a popular destination for climbing the lighthouse, picnicking and fishing. We offer beautiful spacious beaches, excellent surf fishing, bay fishing and crabbing. We offer several recreation areas, including tennis courts, a skate park, dog park and basketball court.
  • Harvey Cedars – Toward the north end of the island with attractive beaches and numerous options for summer accommodations, providing a quieter setting for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle. Be sure to visit Sunset Park for weekly concerts as well as the exceptional eateries in its downtown walking area. Harvey Cedars is also home to a popular Christian retreat and conference center that attracts visitors and conference attendees throughout the year.
  • Surf City – Centrally located, highly popular portion of LBI, perfect for daytrippers and extended vacationers alike.  Surf City’s “Boulevard” section of town boasts endless shopping and restaurants, making an easy stroll down the street. Surf City also hosts a great bay beach for the little ones to take a dip in a more low key environment. For those looking to rent a place for an extended stay, Surf City is a viable option for travelers seeking the right balance of convenient access with a measure of privacy as well.
  • Ship Bottom – known as the “Gateway To Long Beach Island” because of its convenient location at the foot of the only bridge onto the island. Although it is a popular destination for day-trippers, Ship Bottom also hosts numerous hotels and private rental accommodations for visitors looking to be centrally located amongst all LBI has to offer. A perfect spot to launch a personal watercraft or boat at the boat ramp on 11th Street and Bay for a day on the water or a cozy spot to listen to the Ship Bottom Summer Concert series.
  • Long Beach Township (various areas throughout the island) – Comprises the largest parts of LBI, with various different portions located throughout the 18-mile stretch of beaches. This expansiveness brings a variety of settings in which to enjoy a day trip or a longer stay. From the peacefulness and privacy of Loveladies and North Beach to the convenient boat access in High Bar Harbor to the more bustling areas between Brant Beach and North Beach Haven, all with events packed into each part of the summer season.
  • Beach Haven – Located towards the southern end of Long Beach Island, the perfect stay for busy families looking for a more “hopping” part of LBI or some interesting historical architecture, this is where you’ll find it. Beach Haven is known for its many shopping, dining, and nightlife options including Fantasy Island Amusement Park, NJ Maritime & LBI Museum, Surflight Theatre and more.

Tips for New Visitors:

  • Stay updated on cancellation policies, weekly traffic trends, and weather forecasts. Saturday is check-in day for many rentals, so plan your travel around mid-morning on weekends during the in-season. LBI’s beauty shines in all weather conditions, offering a variety of activities.
  • Keep an eye out for our 2024 Beach Badge information update, typically released around April.
  • Pack your bags with bathing suits, sunscreen, beach towels, and outdoor gear. Some rentals provide beach chairs and bikes, but local businesses offer rentals if needed.
  • Utilize the “Contact Us” features on Realty, Rental, and Hotel/Motel Websites. Ask specific questions about your chosen rentals and rooms to make well-informed decisions about your vacation lodging.
  • Can’t find a suitable summer week? Consider exploring during the “shoulder” season – April through June and September through October. Experience cooler temperatures, stunning scenery, exciting events, and fewer crowds. Love the idea of visiting the beach in the winter? November through March is serene and quiet on LBI, with some restaurants, shops, and local businesses open year-round.

Got Questions?

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Feel free to share your tips in the comments to help fellow first-time visitors make the most of their LBI experience!

Our 2023 Holiday Business List is LIVE!
Our 2023 Holiday Business List is LIVE!

Shop Small on Long Beach Island this Holiday Season!

Check out our list of open businesses on LBI (below) for more information on their seasonal and year round statuses! We will be updating this list, so be sure to check back for updates (Last updated 12/11 at 2pm)!

Have a correction or want to add to our list?

Email us! We will be publishing this list in The Sandpaper for the next few weeks and we want to include as many correct business listings as possible!

LBI FLY International Kite Festival 2023 Updates!
LBI FLY International Kite Festival 2023 Updates!

Our 9th Annual Event will be held this weekend, October 6th-8th!

Cross your fingers for good weather – our event is in two days! Any changes due to weather will be announced “day of” on Instagram (@lbiflykitefestival) and Facebook (@lbifly), make sure to follow.

NOTE: Due to beach erosion in Long Beach Township, Friday and Saturday main events have been moved to Ship Bottom. The popular Night Fly Extravaganza will remain in 68th St Beach (Brant Beach) on Saturday evening!

Check out our updated schedule below and all of our wonderful sponsors! Hoping to volunteer? Sign up HERE!


Fall & Early Holiday 2023 Calendar Update
Fall & Early Holiday 2023 Calendar Update

Looking for a reason to plan a visit to Long Beach Island before the end of the year? Check out our newest Calendar Update, as 2024 will be here before we know it!

Featured Events Coming Up on Long Beach Island:

Note: This is not a complete list of the event happening on LBI from September-December of 2023. For more information visit, Know about an event you don’t see? Share with us by email

Chowderfest (9/30)

2nd Annual LBI Beach Polo Classic (9/30)

9th Annual LBI FLY Kite Festival (10/6-10/8)

51st Annual LBI 18-Miler (10/8)

Beach Haven Fall Festival (10/14)

Trunk or Treats: Ship Bottom (10/20) & Surf City (10/28)

Ghost Fest in the Haunted Museum (10/28)

Santa’s Arrival & Christmas Tree Lighting in Barnegat Light (11/24)

Santa’s Viking Christmas Village Craft Show (11/25)

Christmas Tree Lighting in Ship Bottom (11/25)

Ship Bottom Annual Christmas Parade (12/2)

Having Issues Refreshing the Calendar? Try This!

Sometimes, visitors have trouble loading the Calendar Page. Please try refreshing your browser or using one of the links below!

Click HERE to navigate to our September 2023 Calendar

Click HERE to navigate to our October 2023 Calendar

Click HERE to navigate to our November 2023 Calendar

Cluck HERE to navigate to our December 2023 Calendar

Connect With us

Contact us HERE if you would like to add to or update our calendar!

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June 2023 Update: Guarded Beaches, Public Restrooms and More!
June 2023 Update: Guarded Beaches, Public Restrooms and More!

June 2023 Update!

Summer is officially here and the beaches are filling up with people from all over, eager to spent all their time in the sun! We have compiled and answered some of your most common questions for this time of year below: Guarded Beaches, Public Restrooms and More! Check it out!

2023 Beach Information on Long Beach Island

Barnegat Light

Hours (in-season): 10am to 5pm

Guard stands are located at the following streets during the full coverage season dates: 30th, 27th, 26th, 25th, 22nd, 21st, 19th, 17th, 15th, 14th, 12th, 10th, and 25th Bay Beach.

Public Restrooms: Barnegat Lighthouse State Park, West 10th Street at the Bay

Click HERE for more information on the Barnegat Light Beach Patrol!

Beach Haven

Hours (in-season): 10am to 5pm

Guard stands are located at “12th Street, Taylor Ave., 5th Street, 2nd Street, Centre Ave., Engleside Ave., Pearl St., Belvoir Ave., Essex Ave., Liberty Ave., and Kentford Ave.” during the full coverage season dates.

Public Restrooms: Taylor Ave Bay Beach, Centre Street (oceanside) – Outside Shower or Foot Shower Available, Dock Road (bayside), Marine Street Tennis Courts, Nelson Ave Playground

Click HERE for more information on the Beach Haven Beach Patrol!

Harvey Cedars

Hours (in-season): 10am to 5pm

Full Coverage Season Start Date: June 18th

Guard Stands are located at 86th Street, 83rd Street, 80th Street, 77th Street, 73rd Street, 69th Street, Middlesex Ave., Atlantic Ave., Hudson Ave. (also surfing beach), Cape May Ave., 5417 Blvd. easement (aka Cumberland), Bergen Ave. south, Bay Beach at West 75th Street

Public Restrooms: Sunset Park (Outside Shower or Foot Shower Available), Borough Hall (75th Street)

Click HERE for more information on the Harvey Cedars Beach Patrol!

Long Beach Township

Hours (in-season): 10am to 5pm

Guard Stands are located at:

  • Loveladies: Tract 153 (Dolphin), Tract 141 (Seaview), Coast Ave, Tract 99 (Harbor North), Tract 85, Tract 53 (Harbor South)
  • North Beach: Tract 1119 (Green), Tract 1087 (Flamingo), Tract 1065 (Pump House), Track 1049, Tract 1023, Tract 1005
  • Brant Beach: 32nd Street, 36th Street, 40th Street, 44th Street, 48th Street, 52nd Street, 55th Street, 58th Street, 62nd Street, 65th Street, 68th Street, Bay Beach – 68th Street
  • Beach Haven Crest: 70th Street, 75th Street, 78th Street, 82nd Street, 86th Street, 91st Street, 96th Street, 100th Street, 104th Street, 110th Street, 114th Street
  • Spray Beach: Colorado Ave (118th), Ramp Ave (122nd), Dune Ave (127th), Pennsylvania Ave (131st), 33rd Street, 29th Street, 25th Street, 21st Street, 17th Street, 14th Street, Bay Beach – Pennsylvania Ave (131st)
  • Holgate: Osborne Ave, Marshall Ave, Susan Ave, Rosemma Ave, Scott Dr, Chatham Ave, Jacqueline Ave, Harding Ave, Washington Ave

Public Restrooms: 68th Street at Bayview Park (Outside Shower or Foot Shower Available), Parking Area at the southern end of Holgate (Outside Shower or Foot Shower Available)

Click HERE for more information on the Long Beach Township Beach Patrol!

Ship Bottom

Hours (in-season): 10am to 6pm

Guard stands are located at “3rd Street, 7th Street, 15th Street, 20th Street, 23rd Street, 26th Street, 30th Street. The actual placement of the lifeguard stands vary due to beach conditions. Therefore, the guarded swim areas may be more to the north or more to the south of the listed street.”

Public Restrooms: Municipal Building at 17th Street & Long Beach Blvd, 10th Street at the Bay Boat Ramp, 13th- 16th Street at the Bay Beach (Outside Shower or Foot Shower Available)

Click HERE for more information on the Ship Bottom Beach Patrol!

Surf City

Hours (in-season): 10am to 5pm

Guard stands will be located approximately at South 2nd Street, Division, North 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th, 12th, 14th, 16th, 18th, 20th, 22nd, and 24th.  The precise location of the guarded beach may change from year-to-year or even week-to-week depending on surf condition and the location of sandbars.

Public Restrooms: Behind Borough Hall at 813 Long Beach Boulevard, 16th Street Bay Beach, Division Street Boat Ramp

Click HERE for more information on the Surf City Beach Patrol!

For All Beaches

Please Note: Some beaches listed above as “guarded” may not have lifeguards present at certain times due to weather, staffing issues, after hours, etc. Do not swim at a beach if you do not see a lifeguard present. If you do not understand the rules regarding flags, digging holes, playing games, surfing, or other beach activities, please ask the lifeguard on duty and they will answer your questions. Beach Badges are required during the summer season. Please see our 2023 Beach Badge Blog for more information on acquiring beach badges for each town.

Need Help?

Please Contact Us if you have further questions about this blog posting. If you have a specific question about lifeguard stands, public restrooms and parking, please contact the township that you are staying in. You can also reach out to us if you have a community event that you would like us to post on our event calendar.

Photo by Jen Acolia Photography (@Jen.acoliaphotography)

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