What’s Open on LBI? A Holiday Update From The LBI Chamber of Commerce!

Happy Holidays from The LBI Chamber of Commerce!

On behalf of our local Long Beach Island businesses, The LBI Chamber of Commerce invites you to spend some time on LBI this holiday season to support the variety of family-owned shops and restaurants that are open for business. We bet you can check everyone off your list right here on LBI!

Here are a few helpful links…

Click here for UPCOMING EVENTS!

Click here for a LIST OF LBI RESTAURANTS that are open in the Winter (courtesy of LBI Eats)!

And See Below for our big list of “Open Statuses” for over 70 LBI Businesses!

Our Big Gift

We had the pleasure of giving a gift of $3,500 to the local St. Francis Food Pantry ahead of the 2020 Holiday Season. We are happy to be able to help in supporting both our local LBI businesses and the individuals in our community.

Who’s Open For The Holidays?

YEAR ROUND LIST UPDATE 12/14: Due to a number of recent changes to our “Year Round” list, we have decided to not release a third edition of this year’s list on Facebook. Usually, we release this list on our website and add to it each week from Mid-November to Mid-December, as businesses send in their Winter Hours and fun Holiday Events. As this year is very different from others, and open statuses have been changing constantly, we feel that another edition of this list may become outdated more quickly than past editions. Since things get shared and saved on Facebook, we have only published our last edition here (below).


We recommend these three ways to get the most up-to-date information on local LBI businesses:

  • Don’t hang up before the Voicemail Greeting. Call the business directly. If they don’t answer, listen to the voicemail greeting. Many businesses leave detailed Voicemail Greetings this time of year regarding their hours, closing dates, and other important information that you might not get if you hang up and assume they’re closed.
  • Check their Social Media. Often times, businesses update their social media more frequently than their websites or search engine listings. Check their recent posts on Instagram and Facebook to see if they have information posted regarding their updated hours and specials.
  • Send us a Direct Message (@WelcomeToLBI). We might be able to provide you with information or help you get in contact with the business.

NOTE: The graphic below was updated on 12/13. Since then, some businesses have decided to close for the season.


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