The 6th Annual LBI FLY Kite Festival: Important Information

The 6th Annual LBI FLY Kite Festival

October 10th + 11th, 10-4pm
Ship Bottom, 18th-25th Streets (Saturday & Sunday)
Long Beach Township, 68th Street (Saturday Only)
Inflatable Kite Displays and Kite Demonstrations on the Beach
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Coming to See The Kites This Weekend?

Great! Here are some ground rules to help us all have a safe weekend at the beach…


Mask Up

Please bring a mask or proper face covering to the beach. You need to wear a mask if you cannot remain 6ft from other groups, even outdoors.


Spread Out

These displays are visible even from outside of the “main beaches.” You do not need to be directly near the fields to see the kite displays, but if you choose to walk past the main kite fields, please remain 6ft from others and wear a mask if you cannot keep a proper distance from another group. You will not be able to touch any of the kites this year and beach-goers must remain outside of the roped off areas.


Check Yourself

If you live outside of NJ, you need to check and abide by your state’s status on the NJ Travel Advisory List before traveling to Long Beach Island (Check your status by clicking HERE). If you or any of your close contacts feel sick, please stay home this year. We will post tons of photos and videos of the event for you to see it virtually on Facebook.


Listen to Event Staff

We will have kite professionals, volunteers, and local authorities monitoring our event to help us keep it safe for beach-goers. If you are asked to move or wear a mask, you need to listen. Our Volunteers will be wearing Maroon Shirts, our Kite Professionals will be wearing Light Blue Shirts, and local law enforcement will be in uniform patrolling on ATVs in Ship Bottom. If you need to approach any of these people to ask a question, please wear a mask. 


Enjoy the View

We understand that this is an event that most visitors include as just one part of their visit to beautiful Long Beach Island. If you plan to sit on the beach for an extended period of time or fly a kite in the spirit of the event, please do so outside of the main beaches as to not crowd the area. The main beaches in Ship Bottom are between 18th-25th streets (Saturday and Sunday) and on 68th Street in Long Beach Township (Saturday). LBI beaches are open to the public at this time and leashed pets are allowed.
Information on restrooms, parking, ramp access, and more can be found in the digital version of our Event Map (below).
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