Our Top Two Reasons Why Winter is The Best Time to Book Your Summer Getaway

Now Is The Time To Plan Your Trip To LBI!

At the start of each year, we like to do a short post for new visitors on finding the right vacation lodging/rentals on LBI. We asked LBI Real Estate Offices, Rental Services, and Hotels/Motels for their advice on choosing the right place to stay. Here are our best two pro tips:


1. Start Early and Get Your Top Pick

Studies show that most families and couples planning summer vacations have already decided where they are going to stay before March! Now is the time to score the best rentals and rooms! Bonus Tip – Check Our Member Directory here for recommended and verified rental sources!


2. More Time To Research The Area

Good, early planning makes the actual trip even easier! By deciding where to visit early in the year, it gives you more time to dig deeper on researching fun activities, events, and places to dine! Many people think that Long Beach Island is one big town, but it’s not! There are six municipalities on LBI, each with their own police forces, mayors, beach badges, and rules. Learn more about each by clicking on our “LBI Towns” tab at the top of our website. This will help you narrow your search and introduce you to the different perks of each town. Keep in mind that the LBI Shuttle Service makes the entire island conveniently accessible!


Tips for New Visitors:

  • Stay informed about cancellation policies, weekly traffic volume, and weather forecasts. Saturday is check-in day for many rentals; traffic peaks mid-morning on weekends during the in-season.
  • LBI is beautiful in all types of weather and there is always something to do, so come prepared with bathing suits, sunscreen, beach towels, and outdoor gear! Some vacation rentals offer beach chairs and bikes, but if they don’t, you can rent them through local businesses.
  • Use the “Contact Us” features on Realty, Rental, and Hotel/Motel Websites to ask specific questions about the rentals and rooms you are interested in. This can help you make an informed decision about your vacation lodging.
  • Can’t find a week in the summer that matches your schedule? Consider vacationing during the shoulder season. April through June and September through October are cool, gorgeous, filled with fun events, and not crowded. November – April is beautiful and quiet on LBI as well and there are restaurants in each town that are open year-round.


Have a question for us?

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Please feel free to comment if you have any other general tips to add that might be helpful for first-time visitors.

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