The Perfect Day on LBI

It certainly is not difficult to enjoy yourself here on Long Beach Island. Nestled between some hustling and bustling Jersey Shore towns, LBI is truly a place that feels like home to all who visit. Whether you have been visiting for years, it’s your first trip, or you are a local here, this island truly never loses it’s special feel.

We got to thinking about what magic lies at the breezy shores of LBI. So here are three of our favorite low-to-no cost activities that anyone of any age would enjoy. Things that will make you daydream about summertime, and have you eager to come rushing back over that bridge when the weather warms up.

Sunrise on the Beach – This activity will make you dread the 5am alarm, but it is always worth it. Bring your favorite mug full of hot coffee, a blanket to sit on, and your phone or camera for some epic pictures. This is something that you can enjoy on your own or with your family and friends. What better way to start your day? It is truly something special, something that feels almost unreal to be able to experience with mother nature, and you will thank yourself for dragging yourself out of bed.

Explore the Ends of the Island – Sometimes it’s underestimated how long the island is, and how hard it is to get all the way up and down the island to see all it has to offer. Depending on where you are staying, you will likely have everything you need in reach, causing you to not venture out of the town you are staying in. Starting off with the southernmost point, Holgate, or “the end of the island”, boasts beautiful 360ยบ views and seemingly endless beach to walk and explore. Sunsets here are unforgettable, and you could spend hours just walking up and down through the breaking waves and collecting shells. On the opposite, northernmost point of the island, sits good ol’ Barney. The Barnegat Lighthouse is massive and spectacular. Whether you choose to climb to the top, walk the jetty, or both, you could truly spend hours here just breathing in the salty air and watching boats go by.

Dinner on the Beach – Who doesn’t love the feeling of being in the sun all day, going back to the house to shower, and getting all ready to enjoy dinner somewhere on the island? There is probably no better feeling. However, if you’re looking for dinner where no reservations are needed, where you will have almost complete privacy and the BEST evening breeze, grab your favorite picnic blanket, a cooler, and whatever food you’re craving for dinner, and head to the nearest beach. A local favorite beach picnic food is either pizza or sushi takeout, but you could also bring your own food made at home. After the lifeguards pack up for the day, the beach starts to get quiet and the setting sun lights up the sky like a painting. Just make sure you take all of your trash as you leave!

We could go on about what makes LBI feel like magic, but a lot of the magic that comes is all based upon your personal adventures and the memories you form here. LBI holds so many special moments for all visitors. Get out there and make new memories and traditions, while honoring the old. That’s what this place is all about!

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